How did you decide your husband was the one?
“I just fell in love with him”
That was it? That was all it took?
“That’s all it took. I fell in love with him and I didn’t want nobody else.”Theresa

“The more you do for other people, the happier you are. In so doing you’ll probably meet somebody who has the same interest in other people and then you’re happy because they’re happy doing the same thing you’re doing. That’s who you want to get hitched up with.”Beverly

“Don’t let a little argument ruin everything. Never go to bed angry with one another. When my husband died, I told some friends there’s a lot of things that were left unsaid. Which you never think about, until it happens. Talk to one another…He’s not here anymore to say I love you, or thank you for this. Maybe if I’d had more time I could have done better with that.” – Alice

“He could not be a more gentle or giving person. Sometimes I could still wring his neck though. We have gone through so much together. We have gone through very tough times. And I think that you learn most in the valleys.”Olga

“Let them be themselves and don’t try to change them. We didn’t want to change each other. You have to accept somebody and don’t try to change them unless it’s for their own good. Respect what they like. We are all so different.”- Anne

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