A Different Time

“I also learned to sell eggs. She would put eggs into my basket and I would ride my bike all around in these areas and sell all the eggs. She gave me one penny per dozen and I’d stop at the store and spend twenty cents on a pint and eat the whole thing.”Beverly

“Everybody did the same thing. There were no rich, no poor people. And that was one thing that was nice about it. We didn’t have these gadgets like this today. We didn’t even have a telephone; we didn’t have electricity until the mid 50s when electric came back to that area. Everybody had to sign a petition to get it to come in.”- Alice

“Letters, let’s talk about letters. I’ve got letters that my grandmother wrote to my mother when she was in college, before long it will be 100 years ago. Down the way, there’s going to be next to nothing. Oh we just texted, we put things on the internet. Well that’s not tangible. I love to read some of those letters. That is a big loss.”Beverly

“If I went back, I would like to relive the 1950s. Because there was no war. The Korean War was over. The Vietnam War hadn’t started. We had beautiful automobiles. It was a different type of living back then.”Alice

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