About “The Swing Set”

The Swing Set is an outlet designed to share the wealth of knowledge that our elders have, but that we rarely choose to tap into. To show the wisdom that we have at our fingertips, if only we would just ask. To help us to realize that our elders are still relevant, and far from obsolete.

A message from the author

What I didn’t anticipate when I started this project was the personal impact that it would have on me. Not only do these men and women have an abundance of experience to share, but their life stories, loving assurances, lessons learned and kind words can calm fears, motivate change, and inspire new outlooks on life.

I invite you to come and sit a while at The Swing Set, and hope that you too will find inspiration here.

– Laura

Why “The Swing Set”?

When I was pondering a name for this website, it seemed fitting that the name would remind me of my own grandmother and pay tribute to my roots.

My grandmother’s swing set has always been a prominent fixture in the backyard on our family farm. When thinking about sitting to have a chat about life, that’s what I picture; swinging in the backyard with Gran (preferably with pie).

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